About us

Toyota Rwanda

Toyota Rwanda Ltd was incorporated in September 2016 following the successful joint venture between Toyota Tsusho East Africa Limited and Akagera Business Group.

Toyota Rwanda Ltd capitalizes on its local business experience and the know-how of a global conglomerate to sustain its leadership position in the Rwandan automobile industry.

Toyota has been a part of Rwanda’s culture since the first importation of Toyota to Rwanda in 1964. As the exclusive Distributor of Toyota vehicles in Rwanda, we are the only company authorized to distribute and sell new Toyota Vehicles and Parts as well as offer Toyota Manufacturer’s Warranty. To support Aftersales service requirements, we have a dedicated and fully equipped workshop supported by Toyota Trained Technicians whose qualifications are benchmarked by Toyota worldwide standards.

Our mission

Toyota Rwanda is dedicated and committed to offer Value For Money to all our Customers and instill pride of Toyota Brand ownership

Our core values:

  • Passionate & Self-Managed Staff
    • - We do what is right with honesty and truthfulness.
    • - We make commitments with care and do our best to deliver on our promises.
    • - We are hardworking, efficient and responsible.
  • Customer for Life
    • - We respect our Customers’ needs and feedback
  • Continuous Process Improvement
    • - We act on customer feedback to improve our processes for better service delivery
    • - We continuously challenge ourselves to improve services

Our vision

To be the automotive company of choice in Rwanda, Toyota Rwanda will lead the way in supplying safe and reliable vehicles. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the environment, we aim to exceed expectations.

Our performance

Our customers have a choice, and how we perform determines whether they choose us. We aim high, set ambitious goals and strive to deliver results. We use customer feedback to improve our service delivery.

Our innovation

We are a company of ideas that are nurtured by a commitment for continuous Improvement.
We seek and share ideas openly, and encourage diversity of experience and opinion.