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A True SUV with style and confidence.

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Toyota Fortuner

A True SUV with style and confidence.

Rather than boasting a purely utilitarian presence, the new Fortuner uses a cool appearance, luxurious features and comfortable ride to conceal its intrinsic strength and genuine all-terrain capability. The bold design embodies functional beauty. It blends advanced ergonomics, intuitive operation and refined features to provide a truly engaging driving experience.

Interior Design

Authentic and Gorgeous

The interior of the Fortuner reflects a true SUV interior with quality right down to the finest details to evoke a deep sense of pride. Cutting-edge equipment, convenient technology and a real sound system combine to heighten the excitement. Additionally, it has been designed with exceptional quietness, ride comfort and a luxurious cabin to deliver driving pleasure. The seats are supportive and comfortable and Seven people can be carried inside the Fortuner. The seats fold away so you can set the preferred cabin arrangement for individual journeys.

Toyota Fortuner

Bringing new life to every moment

Seating Capacity

Comfort for Everyone

Exterior Design

Innovation and Refinement

It’s instantly clear that the Fortuner is well suited to any environment. Its body looks tough and durable. It is designed to express refinement and innovation befitting a vehicle revered for its unquestionable reliability and uncompromising ground-covering ability. “Innovation and refinement,” “functionality” and “toughness and peace of mind” have been pursued to give an exterior design combining the strength and elegance to stand out from the crowd

Exterior Design

Tough & Emotional


Solid and dynamic

Fortuner Safety

Safety smart

From extreme off-road driving to everyday use, assist controls equipped to exert power in any situation and to improve safety. Further improved top-class safety performance with handling and stability adding to the feeling of security for a worry-free drive. High-tensile strength steel sheets and supplementary materials are widely used throughout the body structure to help reduce passenger injuries.

Toyota Fortuner

Eye towards performance

Remote Control

Design for you to get all best out of the world

Fun to Drive

Design for you to get all best out of the world

Fortuner Performance

Fun to Drive

The Fortuner has been equipped with a cutting-edge engine that delivers two conflicting characteristics - A high-torque drive coupled with reduced fuel consumption. It’s has an exceptional ground- covering ability of a true off- road vehicle with a cutting- edge drive system for calmer drives. This gives you the precision and strength to transport you and the things you need.

Detailed specifications

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