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SUV Tailored to the active lifestyle

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Toyota Rush

Thanks to small SUV design with front engine rear wheel drive layout

For customers looking for an SUV they can afford, looking for solid road performance. For customers looking for additional vehicle that is high quality and active vehicle

Toyota Rush

Can be applied to rough roads, flood and rough road conditions

Rush cabin

Comfortable cabin

Rush front

Safety first, last and Always.

Interior Design

Assertion of Individuality

Attractive and dynamic design, Bold shape with sophisticated lines, High quality interior accessories (Back monitor, steering switches, acc. connector, push start…) Two-tone model interior, Cargo space even with all seats in use, Double folding on 2nd and 3rd row for easy access and additional cargo space


Innovation and Refinement


Comfort for Everyone

Toyota Performance

Boundless Source of Pure energy

Whether you believe power is control or control is power, both concepts are realized in the Rush. This massively powerful engine delivers awesome performance with surprising fuel efficiency. Ride comfort and drivability benefit from extensive noise and vibration suppression.

Toyota Safety

Innovative yet fundamental- The spirit of safety

Frame and body merge in an unequalled synergy of strength Occupant safety in the Rush is first-rate and comprehensive, with innovative technologies that assure relaxing confidence and peace of mind.

Seating Capacity

Comfort for Everyone

Rush airbag

Safety first, last and always

Detailed specifications

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